Our Story

It all started when I was a martial arts student. Quite often I found myself needing to treat bruises, sore muscles and joints.

I had tried most of the pain relievers on the market whether they be mainstream analgesics, Chinese or South East Asian potions. As effective as I found them, I was still not totally happy with some of the ingredients such as paraben, paraffin or turpentine in these products.

At the time, I was already greatly interested in self healing. I had spent years studying herbs and their healing properties and comparing the uses in the West and the East. I also received the Reiki first degree certification so I was able to heal myself and friends & family.

In the traditional Chinese martial world, medicine/healing goes hand in hand with martial arts. Through vigorous physical training and having injuries, one gets to know oneself better spiritually, mentally, internally and anatomically. The natural progression of martial arts journey moves onto healing.

So I decided to make my own all natural muscle balms. I only used organic but if not then wild harvested ingredients in order to obtain the maximum effect in the purest form. Having my martial arts brothers and sisters' testing and providing feedback, the formula of each batch evolved. Until such a point that I was confident to provide a healthy and effective alternative option to all the martial artists, athletes and the ones in need.